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The BRIDGE® is the newest time saving innovation from GKL Products. A quick twist and it's in place and ready to accept a lock or faceplate.

Check our Products Page for details, view our Flash Installation Video or download an instructive.pdf.

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New Products from GKL

DURO 313



Cover that empty cylinder or indicator hole fast. Use the ADD1D and slip the bracket into the hole in the style and tighten the Duro 313 Disc with our handy SK1 key tool. Or use the ADD2D with the threaded center rod and simply screw the two two discs onto the rod. Clean, simple, permanent. . . in as little as ten seconds. Discs come in Duro 313 or Aluminum 628 finish.





Discs are used as "Dummy" mortise or rim cylinder or to cover the cylinder and indicator holes in aluminum storefront doors. New hardware can be mounted over these discs. 1 5/8" Diameter. Also comes with our storefront door modification kit # B1A and B1D.


The Hinge Doctortm is the time saving, hinge restoration tool you have been looking for. Sagging doors repaired in seconds! We are very serious here. You need to see and use it to believe it. Hinge Doctors® are available in handy kits or individually.

GKL Products - HA134 Kit GKL Products - HA134 Kit - Hinge Dr.
HA134 Kit

GKL Products - HA1-4 - Hinge Dr. Open Kit


All of our Hinge Doctor® sizes in one complete set.

Get the Hinge Doctor® in a convenient KIT or in 3 individual sizes. Each one is used for several different sizes and types of hinges. Add the HA2 shown below and you are set for any hinge adjustment.

GKL Products - HA1 - Hinge Dr. GKL Products - HA3 - Hinge Dr. GKL Products - HA4 - Hinge Dr.


We don't call it the MEGA SCREWDRIVER because it's wimpy!

GKL Products - Mega Screwdriver

The power to break rusty & corroded screws loose and remove them with ease.

GKL Products - Mega Screwdriver

- Non-slip grip
- Impact driver
- Long length for extra torque
- Chuck for quick bit changes
- Super torque power
- Designed for the lock and door trade
- Comes with a #3 bit for hinge screws
- Use on allen screws, nuts & bolts

We developed this one of a kind 24" screwdriver / impact driver for removing & installing door hinges, door strikes and door closers on metal doors & frames. Our non-slip handle grip, impact slider & 24" length will break loose any stubborn hinge screw. The quick change chuck allows the use of any standard quick change bit.


GKL Products - The Door Dolly

You won't beat this handy tool for back-saving convenience and maneuverability. Simply drop any standard door in the slot and roll it to the installation location. Features a built-in carrying handle and non marring wheels. Turns and pivots "On A Dime."



This is the kit you've read and heard about. Everything you need to complete the modification of a storefront door when fitting the door with a panic bar. Quick, convenient. Kits come in Duro 313 and Aluminum 628 finish and includes 3 bridges®, 2 faceplates, screws, shims to adjust faceplate height, 1 ADD2 Disc Kit and brackets to convert the ADD2 Discs to ADD1 Disc Kit.

KITS ! ! !

Just when you thought you had seen it all, our technical development group has come up with another advancement in lock installations.
GKL modification and repair kits include our new Snap-In Bridge
®, which saves hours of work, yet costs so little.

B1A or B1D Kits

All it takes is a twist of the special key to snap the bridge® into an aluminum framed, narrow stile, storefront door. Done in about 10 seconds and ready to accept an MS lock deadbolt or dead latch, or simply use our spacers and custom blank faceplates to cover the cavity and get a clean professional looking door stile ready to accept a panic device, rim mount exit device or other hardware. Faceplates come in bronze and clear aluminum colors and in two different styles; beveled and rounded. Kits include 2 optional screws per bridge® for additional stability and holding power if needed.

Install new MS locks or replace stripped out MS lock mounting screws with GKL Bridges®. GKL storefront door modification kits are installed in seconds with the special key.

Next time you install locks at an office or commercial storefront, our Lock Bridge® will save you a bunch of time and a lot of monkeyin' around for the installer.

Download our .pdf on Lock Bridge® Instructions to see what it does and how it works.

SCREWS with a
twist ! ! !

Self-drilling, self-taping #14 screws with #12 head to replace #12 stripped out hinge, strike plate and door closer screws in steel frames. Better quality than standard screws, they install very easily and quickly to save you huge amounts of time over drilling and tapping.


                    MSCA & MSCD

These sturdy covers are used to provide mailslot security. Installation is simple and assured. Convenient template shown below insures a proper fit.



GKL Products - HA2 - Hinge Dr.

It's really a Hinge Doctor® for residential wood framed doors and Timely metal framed doors. It's the quick, easy and convenient way to adjust and repair sagging door hinges.


Use this pocket-sized tool to install our new bridges or our aluminum or Duro 313 discs. A quick twist of the wrist does it.

GKL Products - SK1 -Spanner Key


Save your back and install doors in a snap with our Door Lifter. Place the Door Lifter beneath the door and easily lift the door into position by simply stepping on the lifter handle. Never leave the shop without it.

GKL Products - Door Lifter


Place a door of almost any size, weight and type in this handy rack and it will be ready when you are. Also a great way to hold the door while working on hinges and locks.

GKL Products - Door Stand

We guarantee our products for the original purchaser for one year or more depending on the product. If, during the warrantee period, our products fail, under normal and intended use, simply return it to us for a free replacement.